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Memo is great for quickly saving...

Meeting Notes




Write your notes in a jiffy!

Fast, visual editor

Click to edit notes with rich text, checklists, autocomplete for @users, #channels, :emoji: and note links.

Great for technical docs

Full support for technical documentation, including code blocks, syntax highlighting and Markdown keyboard shortcuts.

Link previews

Links to articles, videos, files, websites, etc. are automatically expanded with inline previews.

Powerful features

Search notes

Search through your notes and get your results sorted by relevance, recency and author.


Memo automatically detects stale notes and remind you about them.

Privacy controls

Keep notes private, share them with teammates, or with people outside the team.

Organized and discoverable

Keeping your wiki and notes organized shouldn't be hard.

Ideal for Slack teams

Use Memo to turn your Slack chats into a searchable knowledge base.

Join 8,000+ teams using Memo

Biggest problem of Slack vs email/Asana is that things quickly get lost. Memo does a really nice job organizing everything.

Thomas Smyth, Founder at Trim

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