Note-taking for technical teams

Never forget great ideas or lose valuable information shared by your team!

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With Memo, it’s quick and easy to save notes at work

Code Snippets


Meeting Notes


Easy to save

Directly in Slack

If you have a thought or idea you’d like to capture you can use /memo-save directly in Slack, or write a note in the web app.

Markdown and more

Use Markdown formatting, autocomplete for Slack @users, #channels, :emoji:, and syntax highlighting for code snippets in dozens of languages.


If you see an important message or file in Slack, save it in Memo with one click, by 🌟 starring it.

Built for teams

Work together

Share your notes with everyone on your team and collaborate on them.

Share in Slack

Memo links shared in Slack automatically unfurl, so you don't have to break your flow.

Private or public

Save all your work notes in Memo, not just the ones meant for sharing with your team.

Effortless organization

Both in the web app and in Slack

Join 4,000+ teams using Memo

Tom Popomaronis, Inc. Magazine Columnist

Never worry about digging for information again once you have Memo on your side. Just imagine what you could do with those new found minutes.

Memo is free to use for teams of any size that sign up during our beta.

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