How does Memo compare?

Biggest problem of Slack vs email/Asana is that things quickly get lost. Memo does a really nice job organizing everything.

Thomas Smyth, Founder at Trim

Light wiki. Powerful notes.

Memo is a refreshing take on team knowledge! It combines the best of note-taking software (lightweight, quick, private) with the best of wikis (expressive, organized, collaborative), in a straightforward product for modern teams.


See how Memo compares with traditional note-taking and wiki software.

MemoSlack PostsGithub WikiEvernoteConfluence
Lightweight WYSIWYG editing
Markdown formatting
Syntax highlighting for code blocks
Auto-complete emoji 😁 (including custom)
Auto-complete @users, notes / pages
Embed links with previews
Embed images
Embed filesComing Soon
Organization (boards, notebooks, etc.)
"Jump to" navigation
Private space for your notes
Collaborative editingComing Soon
Team chat integration
Desktop & mobile appsComing Soon

8,000+ teams are on Memo