Memo has shut down on March 16, 2018

Read more about the shutdown plan in this blog post from the Memo team.

No new signups from Jan 16th

New signups are no longer going to be accepted for Memo starting January 16th.

Users can log in until Mar 16th

If you are an existing Memo user, you can view your notes or add new notes until March 16th.

Export data by Mar 16th

If you have been using Memo so far, you can easily export all of your data.

For 1 user
If you want to use Memo by yourself or to test it before you share it with the team.
Growing Team
Flat fee for the first 5 users
For each additional user, up to 200
Over 200 users
We have special offers for large teams of over 200 people. Get in touch below!

Fair Billing

You’ll only pay for teammates that are active in Memo.

Traditional enterprise software is paid for in advance, for a fixed number of seats. This means you would buy 50 seats, without being sure that 50 people in your team would actually use the product.

With Memo, you don’t have to buy a fixed number of seats. Instead, we track how many of your teammates are active on Memo and charge you accordingly.

8,000+ teams are on Memo

Biggest problem of Slack vs email/Asana is that things quickly get lost. Memo does a really nice job organizing everything.

Thomas Smyth, Founder at Trim

Frequently Asked Questions

What will happen at the end of the trial period?

At the end of the trial period all content saved in Memo remains safe but becomes unavailable unless you upgrade to a paid plan.

When do I start paying?

You can upgrade to a paid plan at any time during the trial period. Your paid subscription starts immediately after the trial period ends. That's also when we will charge your credit card for the first time.

How do I add or remove users?

Memo is tied to your Slack team. Anyone that's part of your Slack team may access Memo by authenticating with their Slack account.

To "add" new users to Memo, simply ask them to log in at with their Slack account.

When you remove a user from your Slack team they will lose access to their Memo account as well.

How many users do I have to pay for?

We track which of your Slack teammates are “active” on Memo and bill you accordingly. You don't pay for Slack teammates that haven't used Memo or have become inactive.

You will be charged for at least one user.

What is an “active” Memo user?

Someone becomes an active Memo user if they use or interact with Memo, either in the Memo web app or in Slack at least once in the last 30 days.

How do you charge for new active or new inactive users?

New active users will trigger a prorated charge for the current billing period. Similarly, deactivated users will result in a credit to your account proportional to the number of unused days in the current billing cycle for those users.

My team has credits—how can I use them?

We keep track of your credits and apply them towards your next invoice, until depletion. Credits are non-refundable and cannot be redeemed or converted in cash in any way.

Can I export my data if I don’t want to use Memo anymore?

Yes. You may export your notes at any given point, during or after the trial period. See our support page for more details.