About Us

We’re building Memo – the wiki that's always up-to-date.

The Story

Note-taking is a "practice of the greats". Unfortunately, the note-taking tools available today are outdated, bloated or under-powered. That's why we started Memo! We want to help technical teams like ourselves do their best thinking, and their best work.

Memo is for technical teams – knowledge workers, technically literate, using lots of software, working in teams to get their job done in a fast-paced ever-changing world.

We’re big believers in note-taking without breaking your flow (that's why Memo is deeply integrated with Slack) and in using machine intelligence to optimize your workflows.

Our team

We’re a small technical team of productivity geeks, some more than others :)
Co-founder & CEO
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Co-founder & Software Engineer
I need 5 more minutes…
Co-founder & Product Designer
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ML Engineer
Remember that time when…
Software Engineer
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